Frequently asked questions about house washing services


Do we need to be home for a quote?  

No, unless you’d simply like to meet with us in person and we always like that.  For a basic house wash, we can see everything that we need to see (size and scope) via low level aerial images on Bing Maps Bird’s Eye View.  If you’d like a quote on additional services, then we will need to have a look in-person to ensure that we’re offering the most aggressive rates possible.


Do we need to be home for the services?

Only if you choose to be.  We only ask the following:

  • All windows and doors to be closed and latched/secured shut
  • No cars in the driveway (otherwise they’ll get wet)
  • Water must be available at an exterior spigot
  • Fragile decorator items (wind chimes, wreaths, pillows) should be placed indoors

We’ll take care of the rest!


How often is this house washing service needed?

There really is no correct answer for this.  It varies based on one’s personal preference as well as a number of environmental factors.  A home on a heavily wooded lot will need a house wash more frequently than a home on a cleared lot, simply due to the increased moisture and shade.   And the north-eastern through north-western sides of a home tend to show discoloration first as they’re the ‘shady’ sides of the home.  Only need a partial house wash on the ‘dirty’ side(s)? Simply let us know and we’ll provide a quote accordingly.


What is that stuff growing on the side of my house and are you sure it’ll come off?

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Artillery Fungus Click to Enlarge

If it’s a biological growth that has grown in place on the side of the home, we very likely have the proper solution for it.  The same for dirt, dust and particulate matter.   The exception being ARTILLERY FUNGUS.   As of this writing, there is no effective product available to remove it. Man made discoloration or stains, such as deck sealant, paint spatter, asphalt sealant etc, are typically problematic and cannot be removed via house washing.  There are sometimes alternatives that we’ll gladly discuss with you based on the scenario.  All the other ‘stuff’?  Gone before we leave.


What about rust stains – is there a safe and proper way to get rid of them?

Yes!  Other than extreme cases, rust stains can be chemically removed.  Please specify that you have rust stains, and the location(s) so that we can provide a quote for your

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The outside of my gutters are grungy and have vertical stripes – does your house wash fix that?

The short answer is no.  Once they’re heavily oxidized and have visible galvanic corrosion Pressure Washing FAQs Power Washing FAQs(the vertical stripes) on them, house wash services can improve the gutters appearance at best.   However;  an additional exterior gutter polishing service is available.  This additional service works extremely well nine times out of ten.  Simply stated, once in a while we come across a certain brand or finish, that  does not respond to the polishing compounds.  If you have chosen to add gutter polishing to your house washing package, and your gutters do not respond, then of course there is no charge for that service.






I understand that you pre-treat concrete walks, patios and drives with an algaecide solution prior to cleaning it with your rotary surface cleaner.  Why this extra step?   The last company that  power washed our concrete didn’t do that.

Answer coming soon……